ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA
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About the Journal of Sugar Beet Research
Mission, Vision, Core Values

Rev. November 15, 2021

ASSBT Mission Statement

  • “The objectives of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists (ASSBT) are to foster all phases of sugar beet and beet sugar research, to promote the dissemination of resultant scientific knowledge, to strive to maintain high standards of ethics, and to cooperate with other organizations having objectives beneficial to the beet sugar industry.”

JSBR: Mission, Vision, and Core Values


  • “To communicate current scientific and/or practical knowledge related to all stages of beet sugar production.”


  • “To be the primary and credible resource for reporting an seeking current scientific and technical information for the N.A. sugar beet industry.”

Core Values

  • Integrity – We publish research conducted with the highest standard of ethics
  • Accessibility – We believe in sharing the JSBR in an open access format
  • Credibility – We strive to be the trusted, go-to source for beet sugar research
  • Communication – We believe in the importance of communicating and sharing beet sugar research

Who does JSBR serve?

  • Members of the domestic and international sugar beet community