ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1991 26th Biennial Meeting

February 24-27, 1991

Monterey, CA

Featured Presentations

Prospects for United States Sugar Beets, 1991 - 1995

Merrill Bateman

President, Commodity Information, Inc.

Crop Protection Chemicals - our Biggest Concern

Dr. Earl C. Spurrier

Vice President, State Affairs, National Agricultural Chemicals Association

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Oral Presentations

Effect Of Seeding Depth, Herbicide And Variety On Sugarbeet Emergence, Vigor And Yield

Planting Depth, Time Of Planting And Secondary Tillage Interactions On Sugarbeet Emergence

Sugarbeet Yield Comparison Of 14, 22, 30 And 38-inch Row Width And Optimization Of The In-row Spacing For Each Row Width

Management Options For Sugarbeet Stand Establishment

Holly Sugar's Comprehensive Computerized Agricultural Information System

Nitrogen Fertilizer Experiments With Sugarbeet In The Red River Valley

Split Application Of N On Sugarbeets

Application Of Post-planting Fertilizer Material To Growing Sugarbeets

A Comprehensive Approach To Effective Weed Control Can Be Cost Effective

Fall Managements For Weed Control In Sugar Beets

Evaluation Of Clopyralid For Weed Control In California Sugar Beet Fields

Simulated Herbicide Drift And Carryover In Sugarbeet

Postemergence Canada Thistle And Green Foxtail Control In Sugarbeets

In Furrow Cover Crops For Sugarbeet Protection From Wind Erosion

Production Of Sugarbeet In Living Cover Crops

Control Of Living Cover Crop In Sugarbeet

Low Input Sustainable Agriculture (lisa) And Sugarbeet Production In Minnesota And North Dakota

Computerization Of The Sugarbeet Field Crop Record

Forecasting Yield With Neural Networks

Sugarbeet Nitrogen Management For Maximum Profit And Environmental Protection

Fertilizer N Response Of Sugarbeets Irrigated With High-nitrate Water

Nitrogen Uptake By Sugar Beets From Various Depth In The Soil

Comparison Of Leaf Petiole And Chlorophyll Meter Techniques To Evaluate N Status Of Sugarbeet

Nutrient Balance And Sugarbeet Yield

Zinc Fertilzier For Sugarbeet Grown In Minnesota And North Dakota

Sugarbeet Response To The Plant Growth Regulator Triggrr In The San Joaquin Valley Of California

Low Cost Pile Covering

Improvement And Performance Of Populations Of Sugarbeet X Beta Maritima

Collection Of Wild Sugarbeet Species (beta Ssp.) From Europe

Beta Germplasm Evaluation

Dynamics Of Fibrous Root Growth For Selected Sugarbeet Germplasms

Environmental Selection During Pollinator Seed Increase In Sugar Beet

Use Of Partially Enclosed Plastic Structures For Controlled Matings In Sugarbeets

Screening For Bolting Tendency Within Sugarbeet Populations

Development Of New Male Sterile Cytoplasms Of Sugar Beet

Use Of Sugarbeet Pollen For Genetic Assay And Selection

Preliminary Investigations Of Beta Cicla L. China

American Crystal's Variety Approval System

Effects Of Variety Approval Policy

A New Sugar Beet Disorder In The Red River Valley

Reduction In Aphanomyces Seedling Disease Of Sugar Beet By Management Of Soil Moisture

Indexing Sugar Beet Fields For Root Rot Potential Of Aphanomyces Cochlioides

Isozyme Relatedness And Mtdna Rfpl Groups Of Fusarium Oxysporum From Sugar Beet, Spinach And Red-root Pigweed

A Pectin Lyase Inhibitor From Sugar Beet

Temperature Optima Of California Isolates Of Polymyxa Betae

Red River Valley, Nd Sugar Beet Root Maggot Control Using Terbufos In Heavy Pressure Situations

Factors Affecting The Economic Threshold For Heterodera Schachtii Control In Sugar Beet

Unique Beet Western Yellows Virus Isolates From California And Texas

Susceptibility Of Atriplex Sp. To Beet Curly Top Virus

New Counter 20cr Systemic Insecticide-nematicide For Sugar Beet Growers

Methods Of Applying Counter At Planting

Closed Handling System For Counter Systemic Insecticidenematicide

The Development And Benefits Of Sugarbeet Fiber

Alternate Methods Of Sucrose Analysis

Precision Of Inter-laboratory Measurements

Boiling And Centrifuging Of White Sugar Using A Distributed Control System

Raffinose In The Sugarbeet Factory

Physiological And Genetic Basis Of Sulfonylurea Herbicide Resistance Obtained From Somatic Cell Selection

Isoenzyme Fingerprinting And In Vitro Shoot Multiplication In Beta Lomatogona Fisc. Et Mey

Sugars And Impurities In Beta Vulgaris Cultivars After Pile Storage

Thin Juice Softening Using The Gryllus Process

Five Years' Experience With Weak Cation Softening On Thin Juice

A Novel Method Of Filter Aid Handling

Low Raw Magma Study

Separation Of Magnetic Particles From Bulk Sugar Flows

Lasercut Stainless Steel Centrifugal Screens

Foundry Coke, The Process Of Producing Foundry Coke

Lime Kiln Operation Improvements

Fluosolids Reactor Calcining Of Lime Mud For The Sugar Beet Industry

A Unique Method To Control Settling Of First Carbonation Juice

Long Term Thick Juice Storage

Drying Of Beet Pulp In Superheated Stearn

Investment Decisions Using The Sugars Computer Program

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