ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1942 3rd Biennial Meeting

January 5-7, 1942

Salt Lake City, UT

Featured Presentations

A Research Opportunity

J. E. Coke

President, American Society of Sugar-Beet Technologists

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Oral Presentations

Virus Diseases Of Sugar Beets

Methods Of Measuring Soil Moisture

Practical Control Of Date Of Irrigation By Means Of Soil-moisture Blocks

Studies Of Moisture Requirements Of Sugar Beets

Sugar-beet Growth And Soil-moisture Study

Irrigation Of Sugar Beets Grown For Seed In Hemet Valley, California

Mineral Assimilation Of Sugar Beets

Plant-food Elements In Sugar Beets Throughout The Growing Season

Fertilizers—manner Of Application

Use Of Manures For Sugar Beets

Increasing Sugar-beet Yields Through Early Planting

Steer And Lamb-feeding Trials With Various Forms Of Sugar-beet Pulp

Beet-sugar Production As Influenced By Climate

Multiple Versus Single-factor Experiments

A Study Of Sugar-beet Growth—years 1921 To 1928 And 1938 To 1941, Inclusive

Seed-segmenting Devices

Seed Treatment Of Segmented Seed

Single-seed Planting Of Sugar Beets

Mechanical Thinning Of Sugar Beets

Trends In Sugar-beet Field Machinery Development

A Mechanical Topper

Mechanical Beet Digger

Recent Improvements In Sugar-beet Seed Harvesting And Threshing Equipment

Mechanical Cross Blocking

Beet Population Secured With Single Seeding And Cross Blocking

Cross Cultivation Of Sugar Beets

Methods And Equipment For Fertilizing Row Crops

Some Crossing Experiments With Sugar Beets

Use Of Red Garden Beet In Sugar-beet Top Crosses

Generation Studies Of Sugar-beet Varieties

A Study Of Varietal Adaptation With Sugar Beets—1937 To 1941, Inclusive

Report On 1941 Tests Of U. S. 200 X 215, U. S. 215 X 216, And Other Varieties Arising In Leafspot-resistanee Breeding Investigations Of The U. S. Department Of Agriculture

Mosaic And Seed Production

Vernalization Of Sugar-beet Seed

Winter Stecklings

Refinements In The Technique Of Isolating By Bags And Cages

Effect Of Sulfur Dust On Germination Of Sugar-beet Pollen

A Botrytis Form Causing Storage Rot In Sugar Beets

The Effect Of Preceding Crops On The Amount Of Seedling Diseases Of Sugar Beets

Black Root Diseases Of Sugar Beet In 1941

Studies In The Industrial Control Of Micro-organisms In Granulated Sugar

Some Regional Effects On Beet-sugar Quality

The Measurement Of Color And Turbidity In Granulated Beet Sugars

Safety Problems In The Sugar Industry

The Technique Of Soil-moisture Determination

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