ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1938 1st Biennial Meeting

January 11-13, 1938

Salt Lake City, Utah

Featured Presentations

Address of welcome

E. G. Peterson

President, Utah State Agricultural College

Sugar and Western Civilization

Henry E. Blood

Governor, State of Utah

Looking Forward to Better Sugar Beet Production Machinery

H. B. Walker

Chief Agricultural Engineer, California Agricultural Experiment Station

Light and Biologic Effects

H. T. Plumb

General Electric Co

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Oral Presentations

Irrigation Of Sugar Beets,

Weed Investigations

Research Work In Denmark

Summary Of 1937 Fertilizer Tests On Beets In Montana

Feeding Sugar Beet By-products

Sugar Beet Seed By-products

Wild Beets In California

Wide Spacing As An Aid In Selection

Root Rots Of The Sugar Beet

Experiment For The Control Of The Beet Leaf Hopper In Idaho, 1936-1937,

Varietal Tests For Resistance To Sugar Beet Nematodes,

Beet Varietal Trials In Ontario

Summary Of Federal Tests Of U.s. 217

Curly Top Resistant Varieties

Growing Sugar Beet Seed Under Different Climatic Conditions

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