ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1952 7th Biennial Meeting

February 5-8, 1952

Salt Lake City, UT

Featured Presentations

The Role of Sugar Beet Technology Under the Sugar Act

Robert H. Shields

President and General Counsel, United States Beet Sugar Association

Research Work in Sugar Beet Breeding

H. W. Dahlberg

Director of Research, Great Western Sugar Company

Factors Affecting Healthy Roots

Cecil H. Wadleigh

Head Physiologist in Charge, Division of Sugar Plant Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, ARA, U. S. Department of Agriculture

The Beet Sugar Industry

A. W. Skuderna

Vice President and General Agriculturist, American Crystal Sugar Company

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Oral Presentations

Effect Of Saline And Alkali Soil On Growth Of Sugar Beets

Effect Of Irrigation Practices Upon The Nitrogen Metabolism Of Sugar Beets

Effects Of Preharvest Sprays Of Maleic Hydrazide On Sugar Beets

Effect Of Frost On Sugar Content In Beets

Results Of Experiments On Chemical Weed Control In Sugar Beets

Chemical Control Of Annual Grasses In Alfalfa, Sugar Beets, Onions, And Certain Truck Crops

Reclamation Of A Saline-alkali Soil By Leaching And Gypsum Treatments Using Sugar Beets As An Indicator Crop

Bed Planting Of Sugar Beets

The Nitrogen Requirement Of Sugar Beets

Ten Years' Results From The Ferden Rotation And Crop Sequence Experiment

A Survey Of Soil Organic Matter Levels And Their Relationship To Nitrogen Needs

Fertilizers, Farming Practices And Rotation

The Effect Of Alfalfa On The Yields Of Non-leguminous Crops In A Rotation

Pelleting Dried Molasses Beet Pulp

Sugar Beet Top Food Values Saved By Mechanical Methods

Preliminary Experiments With Feeding Beet By-products To Cattle

The Value Of The Beet Top Crop

A Comparison Between Corn And Sugar Beet Breeding Methods

Chemical Constituents Of Five Varieties Grown In Six Midwestern Factory Areas

Parent-progeny Tests For Sodium And Potassium Content

Relationship Between Root Weight, Glutamic Acid And Sucrose Content Of Inbred Lines Of Sugar Beets

Sugar Percent In Progenies Derived From Hybrids To Monogerm Sugar Beets

Mendelian Male Sterility In Sugar Beets

Attempts To Induce Parthenogenesis In Sugar Beets

A New Leaf-spot-resistant Variety

A New Non-bolting, Curly-top Resistant Sugar Beet Variety, U. S. 75

Breeding For Resistance To Curly Top In Hybrids With Monogerm Beets

Performance Of F1 Hybrids Between Curly-top Resistant And Curly-top Susceptible Sugar Beets—

Reaction Of Sugar Beet Strains To Aphanomyces Cochlioides At Three Different Locations

Breeding For Resistance To Downy Mildew In Sugar Beets

Adaptation Of The Ibm Card System To Analysis Of Sugar-beet Varietal Data

Measurement Of The Difference Between Sugar Type And Yield Type Beets

Sugar Beet Types Based On Internal Morphology

Effect Of Bolters On Weight And Sucrose Percentage Of Sugar Beets

Report Of The 1951 Evaluation Tests Of Leaf Spot And Black Root-resistant Sugar Beet Varieties Of The United States Department Of Agriculture

Result Of Field Tests With Triploid Sugar Beets In 1951

The Dispersion Of Pollen In Sugar Beet Seed Plots

Report Of Indexing Of Inbreds

Experiments On Control Of The Sugar-beet Root Maggot

Control Of The Salt Marsh Caterpillar In Sugar Beets Grown For Seed

Virus Yellows In Western Europe

Soil Treatment For Control Of Black-root Of Sugar Beets

Resistance And Soil Treatments For Control Of Rhizoctonia Of Sugar Beets

Experiences With Spring Mechanization

Planting, Mechanical Thinning And Weeding

Soil Row Treatment At Planting Time Austin

A Seed Metering Device For Planting Experimental Plots

A Progress Report Of Planter Tests In Michigan

Custom Harvesting In California

The Performance Of The 1951 Models Of The Molnau Screen

Piling Of Beets From Railroad Cars

Large Scale Supplemental Ventilation Of Sugar Beets Stored For 106 Days

Beet Shed Ventilation In California

Ventilation Of Storage Beets By Forced Air

Beet Receiving And Storage

Experimental Presswheels

Sugar Beet Weeder

The Bye-hoe—a New Row-crop Cultivator

Spring Tools

Marihart Thinner

A Measure Of 1951 Mechanical Thinning

Adaptation Of The Spectrophotometer To The Analysis Of Water

Composition Of Certain Beet Diffusion Juices From The 1950 Campaign

Lime-salts Determination By Direct Colorimetric Titration

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