ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1995 28th Biennial Meeting

March 8-11, 1995

New Orleans, LA

Featured Presentations

The Federal Governments' Role in Food and Agricultural Research, Present and Future

Essex E. Finney, Jr.

Associate Administrator, Agricultural Research Service

The State Land Grant Institutions' Role in Food and Agriculture Research, Present and Future

Robert D. Heil

Executive Director, Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors

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Oral Presentations

Economics Of Chemical And Hand Weed Control In Sugarbeets

Dinitroaniline Herbicide Carryover To Sugarbeets

Velvetleaf Control With Triflusulfuron In Sugarbeet

Herbicide Carryover Into Sugarbeet

Betamix Progress - A New Herbicide For Sugarbeets

Relationship Between In-season Soil Nitrate Concentrations And Sugar Beet Yields

Fertilizer Effect On Sugarbeet

Sugarbeet Response To Zinc In Michigan

Sugarbeet Response To Nitrogen In Texas

Economics Of Weed Management Systems In Sugarbeets

Economics Of Soil Applied And Postemergence Herbicides Applied Alone And In Combination

Upbeet Efficacy In Eastern North Dakota And Minnesota

Effect Of Deep Tillage (subsoiling) On Sugarbeet Yield And Quality

Remote Sensing Techniques For Characterizing Nitrogen Stress In Sugar Beets

Effect Of Seedbed Moisture Management On Sugarbeet Stand Establishment, Yield And Quality

Strip Tillage For Seedbed Preparation Of Irrigated Sugarbeets

Field Loss From Sugarbeet Harvest Operations

Primary Tillage Effects On Soil Susceptibility To Erosion After Sugarbeet Harvest

Ten Years Of Improvement Of Planter Performance And Sugarbeet Stand Establishment

Influence Of Planting And Replanting Date On Stand, Yield And Quality Of Sugarbeets

Quality Criteria For Sugar Beet Seed Treatment

New Tools In Rhizomania Resistance Breeding

Usda/ars Sugarbeet Releases

The Evaluations Of Methods For Ploidy Determination In Beta Vulgaris L

Breeding Of Sugarbeet Fl Hybrid Lines For High Processing Quality

A Two-way Approach To Improve Root Rot Resistance

Thanatephorus Cucumeris ( =rhizoctonia Solani Ag-3 And Ag-5) Effects On Sugarbeet

Occurrence Of Vascular Necrosis Of Sugarbeet In The Imperial Valley Of California

Control Of Early Season Cutworms In Sugarbeets

Genomic Comparisons Among Several Furo-like Viruses Of Sugar Beet

Damage Potential Of Rhizomania And The Use Of Soil Fumigation, Varietal Resistance, And Planting Date In The Management Of Rhizomania

Movement Of The Rhizomania Vector In Surface Water And Wind Blown Soil

Incidence Of Two Soil Borne Viruses Of Sugar Beet In The Usa

The Association Of Cercospora Resistance And Yield In Commercial Hybrids

Defense Protein Synthesis In Response To Cercospora Beticola

Effect Of Rate And Seed Application Technique On Performance Of Imidacloprid On Sugar Beets In California

Biological Control Of The Sugarbeet Root Maggot Via Pathogenic Fungi

Sugarbeet Root Maggot Survey And Ipm Program- Red River Valley, 1992-1994

Comparison Of Several Trap Crop Species On Soil Populations Of Heterodera Schachtii

Water Use Efficiency For Sugar Beet Production

Agrobacterium - Mediated And Biolistic Enhanced Transformation Of Sugarbeet

Distribution Of Components In Sugarbeet Root

Somatic Embryos From Callus Of Clone Rel-1

Responses And Tolerance Of Sugar Beet To Stress

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