ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1948 5th Biennial Meeting

January 12-15, 1948

San Francisco, CA

Featured Presentations

President's Report

H. E. Brewbaker

Director, Longmont Experiment Station, The Great Western Sugar Company

Administration of the Sugar Act of 1948

James H. Marshall

Director, Sugar Branch, United States Department of Agriculture

Recent Developments in the Control of Weeds

W. W. Robbins

Botanist, Division of Botany, College of Agriculture, University of California, Davis, California

Fertilization of Sugar Beets

Omer J. Kelley

Principal Soil Scientist, Division of Soil Management and Irrigation, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils and Agricultural Engineering, United States Department of Agriculture, Fort Collins, Colorado

A Resume of Sixteen Years of Sugar Beet Machinery Research

H. B. Walker

Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Experiment Station, University of California, Davis, California

Recent Developments in the Processing of Beet Sugar

R. H. Cottrell

Vice President, The Amalgamated Sugar Company, Ogden, Utah

The Utilization of Sugar Beet By-Products for Livestock Feeding

E. J. Maynard

General Livestock Consultant, The Great Western Sugar Company, Denver, Colorado

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Oral Presentations

Report Of Seed Germination Committee

Best Seed Germination Methods

Method Of Germinating Segmented Beet Seed

Beet Seed Decortication With A Commercial Huller

Decorticated Seed -one Year's Experience

A Mechanical Spray Treater For Sugar Beet Seed

Experience With Decorticated Seed On 30,000 Acres

Stand Count Comparisons Of Segmented And Decorticated Sugar Beet Seed

Present Status Of Sugar Beet Seed Processing

Progress In Breeding Sugar Beets For Resistance To Aphonomyces Root Rot

Progress Report On Breeding Of Sugar Beets In Minnesota For Resistance To Black Root

Strains Of Sugar Beets Extremely Resistant To Bolting

Inheritance Of Bolting Resistance

Report On 1947 Tests Of U. S. 215 X 216 And Of Other Varieties From Sugar Beet Leaf Spot Resistance Breeding Investigations Of The U.s.d.a.

A Promising Sugar Beet Hybrid Of The Milpitas Wild Type X Commercial

New Sugar Beet Strains From U. S. 22 With Higher Curly Top Resistance

A New Sugar Beet Variety, U. S. 56, For Fall And Winter Plantings In California

Increase In Root Weight Of Sugar Beets During Their Reproductive Phase

Spacing Sugar Beets For Seed Production

1947 Mechanical Thinning Tests

A Press Wheel Study To Improve Beet Seedling Emergence

Interrelations Of Moisture, Spacing And Fertility To Sugar Beet Production

Soil Fertility Studies In The Mountain States

Harvest Results Of Inorganic Fertilizer Tests On Sugar Beets Conducted In Four States, 1947

Summary Of Fertilizer Results, 1947

The Effect Of Phosphate Fertilizer On Yield Of Sugar Beets

Salt Sprays For The Control Of Weeds In Sugar Beets In The Pacific Northwest

Comparative Toxicity Of Some New Insecticides To Beet Leafhoppers On Sugar Beets In Idaho. 1947

Field Insecticide Tests Against The Beet Leafhopper In Sugar Beets Grown For Seed

Beet Leafhopper Control With Ddt Vapor Sprays

The Effect Of Lygus Control On Seed Cleaning

Lygus Damage To Beet Seed In Varying Stages Of Devclopment

Soil Fumigation Work In 1947

Observations On The Mechanics Of Soil Fumigation

Spray Treatment Of Sugar Beet Seed

Cooperative Seed Treatment Tests, 1947

Some Studies Of Curly Top Virus In The Field

High Pressure Evaporation

Non-sugars In Beet Juices Removable By Ion Exchange

Tetraphospho Glucosate As A Scale Inhihitor

Row Widths And Sugar Beet Production

Physiology Of Growth And Mineral Intake Of Sugar Beets

Application Of Liquid Fertilizers At Time Of Planting

Fertilizer Trials In Southeastern Colorado

Crop Rotation Practice In The Red River Valley

Sugar Beet Fertilizer Experiments On Recently Leveled Land

Simulated Hail Damage To Sugar Beets

An Automatic Polariscope

Kinetics Of Sucrose Crystallization

Sugar End Operation On Ion Exchange Juice

Some Studies On Continuous Carbonation

Continuous Sugar Detector

Pulp Press Water Reclamation

Comparative Composition Of Different Parts Of The Sugar Beet Root

Sugar Beet Storage Experiment, 1947

Permanent Beet Storage Installation Cost Studies

1947 Results Of Beet Storage Pile Ventilation

Beater Type Topper Use 1947 In Nampa Nyssa District Of The Amalgamated Sugar Company

Survey Of Beet Sugar Agriculture In 1947

Dehydrated Sugar Beet Leaves As A Feedstuff

Tests On Loss Reduction In Sliced Beet Pulp

Feeding Values Of Sugar Beet By-products

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