ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1946 4th Biennial Meeting

February 12-14, 1946

Denver, CO

Featured Presentations

President's Report

W. Y. Cannon

Production Manager, Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, Salt Lake City, Utah

Some Soil Management Practices That Pay

B. T. Shaw

Principal Agronomist, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Research Administration, U. S. D. A.

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Oral Presentations

Liquid Phosphoric Acid As A Fertilizer

Sugar Beets In Seven Michigan Systems Of Crop Rotation

A Method Of Reducing Storage Loss In Siloed Beet Pulp

Agronomic Studies Related To Mechanization Of Sugar Beet Culture

Effect Of Temperature Upon The Growth Rate Of Sugar Beets

The Effect Of Climate On Sugar Beet Yields In Western Montana

Beet Population Studies

A Six-row Experimental Plot Planter

A Wide And Narrow Row Test With Sugar Beets In Southern Idaho

Effect Of Variations In Spacing On Sugar Beet Yields In California

Bolting Performance Of Sugar Beet Breeding Stocks

Heterosis In Sugar Beet Single Crosses

Further Studies On Sugar-beet Autotetraploids

Crossing Experiments In Sugar Beet Lines

Reaction Of Sugar Beet Strains To Aphanomyces Cochlioides

Inbred Lines From Curly-top Resistant Varieties Of Sugar Beets

Single Germ Seed

Seed Size In Relation To Development Yield Of Sugar Beets

Size Of Seedball In Relation To Yield Of Sugar Beets

Sugar Beet Seed Growing In The Pacific Northwest

Movement Of Spring-generation Beet Leaf-hoppers Into Beet Fields Of South-central Idaho

Lygus Control In Sugar Beets Grown For Seed

Seed Treatment Tests, 1944 And 1945

Seed Treatment Studies

Black Root Of Sugar Beets And Possibilities For Its Control

Growing- Sugar Beets Following Alfalfa In Montana

Experiments On Beet Seed Sizing And Segmenting

Processing Sheared Seed

Segmenting And Processing Sugar Beet Seed

Methods Of Describing Regularity Of Seed Or Seedling Spacing

Sugar Beet Populations In Relation To Yields

Laboratory Equipment For Low Raw Operation


Beet Laboratory Pulp Mixer

A Polariscope Printer

Evaluation Of Factor For Conductance Of Water In Presence Of Sugar

Chemical Study Of Beet Pectin

Ion Exchange Applied To Sugar Juice Purification

What We Need In A Beet Drill

Time Studies On Saving Of Labor In Summer Work

The Status Of Sugar Beet Harvester Development

Systems Of Doing The Harvesting Mechanically

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