ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

2009 35th Biennial Meeting

February 25-28, 2009

Orlando, FL

Featured Presentations

China – Opportunities for Sugar Beet Production

John Prince

Agricultural Development Director, Botian Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd

Selected Key Drivers Shaping the World Sugar/Ethanol Economy

Dr. Peter Baron

Executive Director, International Sugar Organization

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Oral Presentations

Glyphosate Influence On Sugarbeet Production And Control Of Abutilon Theophrasti, Chenopodium Album, And Amaranthus Species Using Weed Growth Stage And Growing Degree Days

Understanding The Use Of Glyphosate/ Glyphosate Resistant Technology And How It May Change Grower Cultural Practices

Strip Tillage In Sugarbeets

Effect Of Cuscuta Spp Parasitization On Sugar Beet Root Yield And Sugar Content

Phosphorus Starter Fertilizer Studies In The Southern Red River Valle

Effect Of Forced Air Ventilation On Sugarbeet Storage In Michigan

Reclaiming Beet Ground Soil Quality And Productivity With Low-intensity Tillage, Biosuppressive Covers And Organic Inputs

Herbicide, Insecticide And Fungicide Tank Mixtures With Glyphosate In Glyphosate-tolerant Sugar Beet

Comparison Of Strip Tillage Versus Broadcast N Application For Sugar Beets

Effect Of Headline (pyraclostrobin) As A Yield Enhancer For Sugarbeets In Michigan

Evaluating Best Management Practices For Cercospora Leaf Spot Control In Over-wintered Beets

Ontario Sugarbeet Pile Recovery Innovation Project

Advantages And Challenges Of Commercial Production Of Roundup Ready® Sugarbeet In The Us

Impact Of Fungicides On Sugarbeet Yield, Quality, And Storage Respiration Rate In The Absence Of Disease

Environmental Impact Of Sugar Beet Production In Germany

Volunteer Potato Timing Of Removal With And Without Glyphosate In Sugar Beet

Evaluation Of Zone Tillage For Sugar Beet Production In Alberta

A Study Of The Control Of Powdery Mildew Using Nine Commercially Available Fungicides And Three Experimentals

Volunteer Potato Density Interference In Sugar Beet

Weed Control In Glyphosate-resistant Sugar Beets

Weed Control Challenges In Glyphosate-resistant Sugar Beets In Minnesota And Eastern North Dakota

Timing Of Glyphosate Applications For Optimum Weed Control And Sugarbeet Yield In A Roundup Ready® Sugarbeet Production System

Strategies For Controlling Glyphosate-tolerant Weeds In Glyphosate-tolerant Sugarbeets

Construction Of Facility And Development Of Protocol For Sugarbeet Storage Trial(s)

Development Of Season Long Deficit Irrigation Strategies For Sugarbeets

What Controls Respiration Rate In Stored Sugarbeet Roots?

Bolting Control In Sugar Beet

Acceleration Of Rhizoctonia Resistance Breeding

Addition Of A Thermostabilized Pectin Methylesterase Significantly Enhances The Rate Of Saccharification Of Sugar Beet Pulp Preparation

Breeding Perspectives And Programs At East Lansing

Seedling Vigor In Beta Vulgaris: The Artistry Of Germination

Long-term Survival Of Cryopreserved Sugarbeet Pollen

Insect Resistance To Sugar Beet Pests Mediated By A Beta Vulgaris Proteinase Inhibitor Transgene

Proteome Changes In Sugarbeet In Response To Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus Infection

Resistance To Curly Top Viruses Through Virus Induced Gene Silencing

Generation And Dispersion Of Resistance Breaking Variants Of Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus In The Field

In Search Of Predictors Of Sugarbeet Resistance Durability To Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus

Seed Treatment Insecticides For Managing Soil Insect Pests Of Sugarbeet

Strip Trial Evaluation Of Poncho Beta Insecticide In The Rrv

Occurrence Of Different Fusarium Species In Sugar Beet

Rhizoctonia Root And Crown Rot Interactions With Fungicide And Glyphosate In Glyphosate-tolerant Sugar Beet

Fusarium Seed Stalk Blight And Rot In Sugar Beet

Potential Interaction Between Rhizoctonia And Rhizopus Causing Root Rot In Sugarbeet

Long Term Preservation Of A Collection Of Rhizoctonia Solani, Using Cryogenic Storage

Fertilizer N Effects On Yield And Root Quality For High-yielding, Fall-planted Sugarbeets In The Imperial Valley

Interactions Between Resistance-breaking Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus And Beet Oak-leaf Virus In Sugar Beet

Evaluation Of Program Approaches For Foliar Disease Control In Sugar Beets With Prothioconazole

Storage Diseases – Assessment And Implications For Breeding

Impact Of Quadris And Proline Fungicides On Yields Of Sugarbeets With Natural Infection Of Rhizoctonia Crown Rot

Suppression Of Aphanomyces Root Rot In Alberta

Sugarbeet Cultivar Selection For Storability And Rhizomania Resistance

Genetic Diversity And Pathogenicity Of Rhizoctonia On Sugarbeet

Inspire™ Xt, A New Triazole Mixture Fungicide For Sugar Beet Disease Control

Long-term Effect Of A Single Soil Application Of Factory Lime On Aphanomyces Root Rot And Sugar Beet Yield

Intraspecific Group Of Rhizoctonia Solani Ag 2-2 And Rotation With Corn Affect Sugar Beet

Continuous Real-time Monitoring Of Factory Water Systems Identifies Opportunities For Process And Operating Cost Improvements

Use Of Nir Spectroscopy For On-site Betaine Measurement In The Acs Hillsboro Molasses Desugarization Plant

Chemical Markers Or Signals For Determination Of Storability Of Chromatographic Separator Extract

Color Increase During Laboratory Storage Of Sugarbeet Processing Streams

Increase Sugar House Throughput By Measurement And Automation

Sugar Beet Processing Applications Of The Determination Of Fermentation Products By Liquid Chromatography

Experiences Of Plate Falling Film Evaporators At The Back End Of The Evaporator Station

Experiences With A Putsch Jet Wash Roller Table

Meeting Customer Expectations To Disclose Green House Gas Emissions

Improved Betaine Recovery During Molasses Desugarization Using The Ns2p Chromatography Process

Water Footprinting – Sugar Beet Processing

Wedge-wire Screens For Continuous Centrifugals

Reducing Generation Of Biogenic Hydrogen Sulfide In Sugar Wastewaters

Optimization Of Betaine Recovery In A Coupled Loop Molasses Desugarization Separator

Separation And Removal Of Prelimer Suspended Solids.

Low Raw Crystallization – Is There Room For Improvement?

Demonstration Of Biogasification Of Sugarbeet Tailings

Mini-cassia Mud Pond - Settling Problems And The Solutions In New Separation Technology

Microbial Issues Encountered In Wastewater Treatment At Moorhead Factory And Remedial Measures

Fractal Applications For Sugar Decolorization Processes

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Effect Of Row Width And Plant Population On Weeds And Yields In Glyphosate-resistant Sugar Beet

Sugarbeet Tops Help Insulate Roots From Heat In The Daytime And Nighttime Freezing Temperatures

Development Of An Efficient Sugar Beet Cultivation Support System Using The Agricultural Spatial Information - Prediction Of Root Yield Using Meteorological Data And Satellite Data

Ontario Sugarbeet Pile Recovery Innovation Project

Comparing Fungicide Use With Defoliation As Management Strategies For Economic Control Of Cercospora Leaf Spot In Sugarbeet

Sugar Beet Production Following Corn, Btrr Corn, Sweet Corn, Spring Wheat, And Soybean In Southern Minnesota

Damage To Sugar Beet Roots Caused By Harvesters; Influence On Rots And Sugar Losses During Storage

Use Of Strip Tillage In A Sugarbeet Rotation In The Red River Valley Of North Dakota And Minnesota

Nitrogen Mineralized During The Minnesota Sugar Beet Growing Season As Affected By Previous Crops

Sugar Beet Production Following Wheat, Corn, And Soybean In The Red River Valley

Strip Tillage And High-efficiency Spray Irrigation In A Sugarbeet-malting Barley Cropping System

When And What Herbicides To Apply For Layby Weed Control In Sugarbeets

Association Analysis Of Beet Curly Top Disease Resistance Genes In Sugarbeet

Efficacy Of Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus To Induce Gene Silencing Of A Gene Repressing Flowering In Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet Germplasm Collection In The National Plant Germplasm System

Molecular Genetics And Genomics Of Effective Pathogen Response In B. Vulgaris L

Dehydration Accelerates Root Respiration And Impacts Sugarbeet Raffinose Metabolism

Differential Sugar Beet Gene Expression During The Defense Response To Challenge By Cercospora Beticola

Flow Distance And Crossing Ability Of Dispersed Pollen In Sugar Beet

Rhizomania Resistance In The Tandem® Sugar Beet Variety

Seedling Disease Resistance Screening Assays

Strobilurin Applications For Managing Rhizoctonia Root And Crown Rot In Nebraska Based On Soil Temperature Measurements

Unknown Sterile Fungi Used As Biological Control Agents For Managing Multiple Root Pathogens Of Sugar Beets Under Field Conditions

The Effect Of Temperature On Rhizoctonia Disease Development And Fungicide Efficacy In Controlling Rhizoctonia Root Rot On Sugarbeet

Glyphosate And Fungicide Effects On Cercospora Leaf Spot In Four Glyphosate-resistant Sugar Beet (beta Vulgaris) Varieties

Preliminary Evaluation Of Laetisaria Arvalis As Chemical Seed Treatment Alternative In Sugarbeet

Soil Persistence Of Metarhizium Anisopliae Applied To Manage Sugarbeet Root Maggot In A Cover Crop Microenvironment

Evaluation Of Sugar Beet Lines Bred In Japan To Examine Resistance To Damping-off Caused By Aphanomyces Cochlioides

Impact Of Glyphosate And Fungicides On The Disease Severity Of Rhizoctonia Crown And Root Rot In Four Glyphosate-resistant Sugar Beet (beta Vulgaris) Varieties.

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