ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

2005 33rd Biennial Meeting

March 2-5, 2005

Palm Springs, CA

Featured Presentations

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Oral Presentations

Status Of Isophorone-free Sugarbeet Herbicide Formulations

Effect Of Spent Lime On Sugar Production And Crops Following Sugarbeet In The Red River Valley Of The North Giles,

Precision Farming Practices Impact On Sugarbeet Production In Mn And Nd

Optimum Plant Population Of Rhizomania Resistant Sugarbeet Varieties For Highest Recoverable Sucrose Per Acre

Managing Cercospora Leaf Spot On Sugarbeet With Fungicides

Response Of 37 Sugarbeet Cultivars To Clopyralid

Effect Of Composted Cattle Manure On Sugar Beet Production

Tropical Sugar Beet

Economics Of Weed Management Systems In Sugarbeet

Relationships Between Amino Nitrogen Amounts And Rhizoctonia Root Rot Resistance On Crown Root In Inoculate Condition For Sugar Beet

Effect Of Crowning On Sugar Beet Storage

Overcoming Azoxystrobin Interactions With Micro-rate Herbicide Applications In Michigan Sugarbeet Production

Late Season Increase In Weight And Sugar Percent Of Sugar Beet

Management Zones For Nitrogen Management

Sugar Beet Injury From Simulated Herbicide Drift

Drought Tolerance Of Sugarbeet

Breeding For Genetics: Development Of Recombinant Inbred Lines (ril's) For Gene Discovery And Deployment

Impact Of Tank-mixed Insecticide And Fungicide Combinations On Sugarbeet Yield And Quality

Diversity In Fusarium From Sugarbeet

Screening For Varietal Resistance To Sugarbeet Root Aphid

Managing Cercospora Leaf Spot On Sugarbeet With Fungicides

Additional Evidence Of Safflower (carthamus Tinctorius) As An Alternate Host To Cercospora Beticola

The Evaluation For Resistance To Aphanomyces Black Root Rot By Using Artificial Inoculation Method In Sugarbeet Bred In Naro

Impact Of Strobilurin Fungicide On Yield Of Sugar Beets With Natural Inoculation Of Rhizoctonia Crown Rot

Investigation Of Blinkers In Rhizomania Resistant Fields In Minnesota

Foliage Color Of Beets Is A Poor Predictor Of Rhizomania

Genetic Variation Among Beet Curly Top Virus Isolates Infecting Weed And Crop Hosts In California

Evaluation Of Telone It Fumigant And Actigard Systemic Acquired Resistance Inducer On Sugarbeet In A Rhizomania-infested Field

Analysis Of Benzimidazole-tolerance In Cercospora Beticola

Evaluating Low Levels Of Tachigaren On Minimum Build-up Treated Sugar Beet Seed For Protection Against Aphanomyces Cochioides

Using Spore Traps For Cercospora Beticola In Sugarbeet

A Multiplex Rt-pcr Assay For Sugar-beet Soil-borne Virus Diseases Survey In Italy

Antiserum For The Detection Of Aphanomyces Cochlioides

The Impact Of Plant Age And Genetics On Curly Top Disease Development In Modern Sugarbeet Varieties

Genetic Diversity For Root Morpho-physiological Traits And Productivity In Sugar Beet

Sucrose Synthase Gene Expression In Tissue-specific, Developmentally Regulated, And Influenced By Abiotic Stresses

Q2-test: A New Fast And Accurate Seed Quality Evaluation Test Based On Automatic Single Seed Respiration Measurements; Examples From Sugar Beet Seed Research

Examination Of Oligosaccharides, Organic Acids And High Molecular Weight Components In Beet Processing

Efficiency Improvements At The Minn-dak Farmers Cooperative Process Laboratory

Comparison Of Halogen And Organic Peroxide Oxidizing Agents For Biocontrol Agents In Sugar Factory Cooling Water

Challenges For The Treatment And Discharge Of Low Salinity Wastewater

Environmental Mass Balance At Minn-dak Farmers Cooperative

Environmentally Friendly Storage And Use Of Dirt, Wastewater Biosolids And Other Solid Wastes At Minn-dak Farmers Cooperative

Flue Gas Scrubber Water De-calcification

Results Of Long-term Storage Of Coupled Loop Molasses Desugarization Extract

Factory Rehabilitation And Optimization By Number And Capacity

Influence Of Several Agronomic, Post-harvest And Technological Factors Upon Process Ionic Balance And Consequently Upon Industrial Yield

Ion Exchange Thin Juice Softening Using Fractal Technology

A Review Of Pilot Plant Boiling Of Extract From Coupled Loop And Simulated Moving Bed Molasses Desugarization Plants

Removal Of Sulfur Dioxide From Boiler Scrubber Water

Sanitation Protocols And Methods Of Evaluation

Hard And Lumpy Sugar Complaints, Is It Really Hard And Lumpy?

The Development And Application Of A Juice Conditioning System For Increased Sugar Quality And Recovery

Steam Drying Of Pressed Pulp At Minn-dak Farmers Cooperative

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Rna Silencing For The Control Of Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus Infection Of Sugarbeet

An In Vitro Sugar Beet Root Maggot (tetanops Myopaeformis) Feeding Assay

Relative Effectiveness Of Natural And Synthetic Biocides Against Bacteria Found In Sugar Factories

Differentiating Cane White Sugar From Beet White Sugar Using Ion Chromatography Profile

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