ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1993 27th Biennial Meeting

March 3-6, 1993

Anaheim, CA

Featured Presentations

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Oral Presentations

Postemergence Weed Control In Sugarbeets With Dpx-66037

Sugar Beet Stand Reduction From Terbufos Insecticide And Cycloate Herbicide

Postemergence Control Of Broad Leaf Weeds In Sugarbeet

Dpx-66037 -review Of Results In Sugar Beet From U.s. And Europe

Efficient Nitrogen Management For Sugar Beets

Interaction Of Herbicides And Insecticides

Canada Thistle Competition And Control In Sugarbeets

Yield And Quality Of Sugar Beets As Affected By Applied Boron

Postemergence Herbicide Timing And Combinations In Sugarbeets

Effect Of Foliar Applied Cytokinin On Sugarbeet

Is Simple Linear Regression Really Simple?

Cover Crop Management For Wind Erosion Protection Of Sugarbeets

Timing Of Control Of Living Cover Crop

Primary Tillage Effects On Soil Susceptibility To Erosion After Sugarbeet Harvest

Effect Of Seedbed Preparation On Sugarbeet Emergence

Sugarbeet Stand Establishment In The U.k. - A U.s. Perspective

Effect Of Postemergence Tillage On Yield Of Sugarbeet

Improved Irrigation Efficiency And Erosion Protection By Mechanical Furrow Mulching Beets

Weed Control In Sugar Beets With Three-way Coformulations Of Pehenmedipham, Desmedipham And Ethofumesate Applied Postemergence

Quality Assurance, A Main Object Of A Company Servicing Seed Processing

The Effect Of Simulated Hail During The Growing Season On Sugarbeet Yield And Quality

Emergence Of Sugarbeets Planted With Different Planter Configurations

A Field Comparison Of Commercial Sugarbeet Harvesters

Research On Dirt Tare In The Netherlands

Effect Of Nitrogen Fertilizers On Sugarbeet Yield, Quality And Root Disease

Evaluation Of A System For Making Nitrogen Recommendations For Sugar Beets In Michigan

Payment Of Sugar Beet According To Quality

Wild Beet In Egypt

Floral Organogenisis In Fertile And Male Sterile Sugar Beet

Evaluation Of Entomopatbogenic Nematodes For Control Of Tetanops Myopaeformis, The Sugarbeet Root Maggot

Grower Experience With Rhizomania Tolerant Varieties In California

The Effect Of Soil Temperature And Planting Date On Rhizomania

Characterization Of Single Cystosori Isolates Of Polymyxa Betae

Partial Characterization Of Some Furoviruses Infecting Sugarbeet

Movement Of Viruliferous Polymyxa Betae From A Point Source Inoculation

Occurrence Of Rhizomania In Wyoming And Nebraska

Partial Characterization Of A Soilborne Sugarbeet Virus In Texas

Sugarbeet Root Maggot Survey Southern Red River Valley

Drought And Sugarbeet Root Maggot Population Levels In The Red River Valley

Sugarbeet Root Maggot Control Under Dryland Conditions

1992 Sugarbeet Root Maggot Survey And Ipm Program -red River Valley

The Use Of Exotic And Domestic Germplasm For Resistance To The Sugarbeet Root Maggot

Monitoring Sugarbeet Crown Borer In Idaho And Washington

Implications Of Sweetpotato Whitefly Biotype Changes On Lettuce Infectious Yellows Virus

Growth And Development Of Oil-radish And Yellow Mustard Trap Crops In Nebraska

Seasonal Decline Of Sugarbeet Cyst Nematode Juvenile And Egg Populations In Idaho

The Effect Of Sugarbeet Tare Dirt Composting Process On The Viability Of Sugarbeet Cyst Nematode

A New Soil-borne Virus From California

Bacteria Protect Sugarbeet Seedlings From Fungal Disease

Relationship Of Soil Temperature And Sugarbeet Cultivar To Pythium Damping-off

Susceptibility Of Sugarbeet Plants Of Different Ages To Rhizoctonia Root And Crown Rot

Alternative Nitrogen And Carbon Sources For Sugarbeet Tissue Culture

Design And Testing Of Novel Genes For Defense Against Sugarbeet Pathogens

Betaine Content Of Sugarbeet Varieties

Near Infrared (nir) Analysis Of Sugarbeet Juices And Factory Products

Low Raw Pan Control System Based On The On-line Purity Monitor

A Method To Assess Carbonation Efficiency

The Determination Of Sugar Beet Technological Value

Recent Developments In Beet Transport Water Management

Near Infrared (nlr) Analysis Of Sugarbeet Brei And Cossettes

Bacteria And Sugar Loss Control In A Non-formaldehyde Era

Processing Of Frost Damaged Beets In The Magic Valley 1991-92 Campaign

The Use Of Additives For Processing Frost-damaged Beets.

Cationic Polymers Help Separate Prelimer Suspended Solids

Optimizing First Carbonation -clarification -settling Aid Usage And Underflow Desugarization

New Milk Of Lime Stations In Two Western Sugar Factories

Cooling Crystallization Of Raw Juice: Sucrose Solubility Test

Practical Techniques To Optimize Molasses Exhaustion

Mathematical Models Of The Sugar End

Waste Water Treatment And Odor Control, A Six-year Program

Land Application Of Excess Condensate

Aerating Suspended, Anaerobic Biomass To Improve Solid-liquid Separation

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