ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

2017 39th Biennial Meeting

February 27th - March 2nd, 2017

Greenville, South Carolina

Oral Presentations

Assessing Variety Improvements In Alberta

To Replant Or Not: Establishing Lower End Sugarbeet Population Threshold.

Effects Of Deficit Irrigation On Sugar Beet Production In The Northwest U.s.

Improving Nitrogen Management In Pacific Northwest Sugarbeet Production

Post-harvest Storability In Beta Vulgaris; Research And Perspectives From Sesvanderhave

Seed Lubricant Impacts On Plant Stands And Yield: Implications For Insecticidal Seed Treatment Use.

Effect Of Methyl Jasmonate On Seedling Tolerance To Drought And Cold Temperature Stress

Alternaria Leaf Spot Of Sugar Beet: Factors Associated With Risk

Pectobacterium Brasiliense As A Cause Of Soft Rot Decay Of Sugar Beet

Assessing Variety Improvements In Alberta.

Influence Of Environment, Crop Age, And Variety On The Development And Severity Of Fusarium Yellows In Field-grown Sugar Beet

The Drive For Cossette Perfection

Factory Trial Dorr Versus Bma65

Investigation Of Hop Alpha Acids For The Use In The Sugar Factory.

Odor Control Of Mud Ponds Using Hydrogen Peroxide Dosing With The Peroxidon™

Updated Automation On Batch And Continuous Centrifugals.

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Sugarbeet Response To Partial Season Water Availability.

Sugarbeet Response To Variable Timings Of Nitrogen.

Sugarbeet Response To The Timing And Quality Of Weed Control.

Managing Rhizoctonia Solani In Sugar Beets With Vibrance Seed Treatment.

Foliar Applied Products For Increased Sugar Content.

Managing Rhizoctonia Solani In Sugar Beets With Vibrance Seed Treatment.

Effect Of Methyl Jasmonate On Sugarbeet Yield And Storage Properties

Identification And Validation Of Microsatellite Markers For Ssr Genotyping Of Rhizoctonia Solani Ag2-2.

Remote Sensing For Detection Of Rhizoctonia Crown And Root Rot Of Sugarbeet

A Reference Genome Assembly For Sugar Beet Germplasm El10

Miticides – Solutions For A Fluctuating Problem

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