ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1954 8th Biennial Meeting

February 2-5, 1954

Denver, CO

Featured Presentations

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Oral Presentations

The Application Of Petiole Analysis To Sugar Beet Fertilization

Response Of Yield-type Versus Sugar-type Sugar Beet Varieties To Soil Nitrogen Legels And Time Of Harvest

Irrigation And Fertility Studies On Sugar Beets At Logan, Utah

Sugar Beet Irrigation Experiments In Wyoming—

Progress Report On Irrigation Experiment—rader Farm, Saginaw, Michigan

Minimum Seed Bed Preparation

An Improved Method Of Applying Fertilizer To Sugar Beets

Preventative Weed Control — Methods And Equipment

Planting For Machine Thinning

Status Of Spring Mechanization In The Michigan Area

Thinning Trials In Eastern Montan

Spring Mechanization In The Red River Valley—1953

Five Years' Experience In Complete Mechanical Thinning Of Sugar Beets

Harvesting Equipment

Relationship Of Screening To Beet Population

Comparative Efficiency Of Rubber And Steel Rienks Screens

Beet Receiving Equipment

Improved Beet Sample Taking With New-design Pan

Basic Beet Piler Design And Its Application To Construction

Sugar Beet Storage Problems

Conserving And Handling Beet Tops

Irrigation Of Sugar Beets

Equipment For Beet Seed Treating

Seed Treating Machinery

Processing And Testing Of Monogerm Seed

Results With Ipc Spraying In Eastern Montana

The Use Of Chemical Additives To Control Soil Crusting And Increase Emergence Of Sugar Beet Seedlings

Problems Connected With High Beet Populations

Comparison Of Hand And Machine Thinning Of Sugar Beets

Sugar Beet Planting Date Studies In Imperial Valley, California

Sugar Losses Caused By Frost Defoliation

Curly Top Moves East

Beet Leafhopper Outlook Statements

Results Of An Experiment In Colorado To Appraise Effects Of Virus Yellows In Sugar Beet

Observation And Studies Of Virus Yellows Of Sugar Beet In California

Effect Of Virus Yellows On Yield And Sucrose Content Of Sugar Beet In Tests At Riverside, California

An Alternaria Leaf Spot Of The Sugar Beets

Field Trails With Soil Row Treatment For The Control Of Damping-off Of Sugar Beets

Endrin — A New Insecticide For Sugar Beet Webworm Control

Self-sterility And Self-fertility In Monogerm Beets

Preliminary Yield Tests With F 1 Male-sterile Monogerm Hybrid Sugar Beets

A Monogerm Gene From Mw 391

Cooperative Testing Of Inbreds-three Years' Results--1951-53

New Non-bolting And Mildew-resistant Seed Releases

Breeding For Resistance To The Sugar Beet Nematode

Evaluation Tests In 1953 Of Us 400 And Related Black Root And Leaf Spot-resistant Varieties Of The U.s. Department Of Agriculture

Progeny Test Of Sugar Beet Roots Selected For Low Respiration Rate

The Wild Species Of Beta

Methods Of Sugar Beet Selection In The Ussr

Lime Kiln Design And Operation

Factory Automatic Control Methods

The 48 Inch X 30 Inch Continuous Automatic Recycling Centrifugal

Elimination Of Trash Between Flumes And Slicers

The Corrosion Problem In The Beet Sugar Factory

Lactic Acid Fermentation In Beet Processing Juices

Lactic Acid In Sugar Beet Processing Liquors

A Bacteriological Investigation Of A Silver Scroll Type Diffuser

Studies Of Lactic Acid In The Silver Battery

Factory Waste Stabilization By Aeration On Iarge Fields

Stream Pollution Abatement Legislation

Composition And Percentage Of Marc In Some Varieties Of Inbred Sugar Beets

A Method For Determination Of This Juice Purity From Individual Mother Beets

Further Experiences With Algins

An Experimental Micro Filter

Theory And Economics Of Diffusion

Investigation Of Factors Influencing The Sachs-le Docte Method

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