ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

1997 29th Biennial Meeting

March 2-5, 1997

Phoenix, Arizona

Featured Presentations

A History of Beet Sugar Agriculture

Larry Smith

Head, Northwest Experiment Station, University of Minnesota

A History of US Sugar Legislation

Van R. Olsen

President of the United States Beet Sugar Association

A History of Sugar Processing

J. E. A. "Bob" Rich

Retired, HoUy Sugar Corporation

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Oral Presentations

Weed Test

Weed Management After Mid-season Sugarbeet Defoliation

Ac 299,263 And Imazethapyr Carryover Potential In A Soybean/sugarbeet Rotation

Reduced Preplant Rates With A Postemergence Herbicide Program

Upbeet™ Herbicide Weed Control Programs: Comparison To Commercial Standards

Postemergence Grass Control In Sugarbeets

Postemergence Herbicide Combinations In North Dakota And Minnesota

Interaction Of Postemergence Herbicides With Sugarbeet Varieties

Sugarbeet Production With A Winter Wheat Cover Crop

Crops Residue Vs Nitrogen Needs And Grower Cultural Practices

Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate X Time Of Application Studies

Conventional Fertilizer Application Compared To Site Specific Application

Red River Valley Site-specific Nitrogen Management In 1996

Sugarbeet Tops And Soil Nitrogen Fertility

Site-specific Yield Monitoring Of Sugarbeets

A Study Of The Sugar Beet Root System By Endoscopic Techniques

Some Data About The Technical Beet Quality In The Mediterranean Area

Mulch Seeding Of Sugar Beet

Sugarbeet Plant Stand Establishment And Sugar Production Using Deere Maxemerge 2 Planter Attachments

Seedbed Preparation Systems For Improved Emergence And Yield Of Sugarbeets

Plant To Stand In California: Can Laboratory Tests Predict Field Emergence?

Effect Of Wheel Traffic On Sugarbeet Production

Late Season Irrigation Management For Sugarbeet

Irrigation Cut-off Treatments Applied To Sugarbeets Grown In Soils With A Shallow Water Table

Status Of Sugar Beet Harvesting In Europe

Holly Sugar's Use Of The Internet As An Intranet

Influence Of Harvest Date On Sugarbeet Yield, Quality And Economic Return

Field Reasearch Equiptment For Sugar Beet

Transgenic Sugar Beet Tolerant To Glyphosate, Developement Of Roundup Ready™ Sugar Beet

Yield Trials With Roundup Ready™ Sugar Beet

Studies Of Monosomic Additions In Beta Vulgaris, Earring An Extra Chromosome Of Species Of The Section Procumbentes

The Response Of Sugarbeet Germplasm To Fusarium Yellows Under Field And Greenhouse Condition

Use Of Rflp Markers In The Analysis Of Genome Diversity Within The Genus Beta

Sugarbeet Root Aphid Management In Texas

Yield Loss Associated With Sugarbeet Root Maggot Damage

Monitoring Of Sugarbeet Root Maggot Adults In The Red River Valley

Cercospora Leaf Spot Control In Minnesota And North Dakota

A Grower's Perspective On Soil-borne Disease Management

Control Of Soilborne Pathogens By Managing Irrigation Of Sugar Beet

Effects Of Different Irrigation Regimes On Sugar Beet Growth In A Disease Stressed Field

Variability In Sensitibity To Metalaxyl And Control Of Pythium Spp. On Sugarbeet

Integrated Management Of Cercospora Leafspot With Resistant Varieties And Synthetic Chemical And Biologically-based Fungicides

Use Of Systemic Acquired Resistance For Control Of Sugarbeet Diseases

Preserving Sugar Beets Using Propionic Acid

A New Aphid-transmitted Yellowing Virus Disease Of Sugarbeet In Colorado And Nebraska

Effects Of The Western Potato Leafhopper (empoasca Spp.) On Sugar Beet Yields

Analysis Of Beet Soilborne Mosaic Virus Rna 2 Nucleotide Sequence

Population Dynamics Of Polymyxa Betae And Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus In Soil

Fumigation With 1,3-dichloropropene For Rhizomania Control In Idaho Using Two Application Methods

Performance Of Rhizomania Tolerant Sugar Beet Varieties In A Newly Infested Field

A New Report Of Rhizomania And Other Furoviruses Infecting Sugar Beet In Minnesota: Part I. Field Observations

A New Report Of Rhizomania And Other Furoviruses Infecting Sugar Beet In Minnesota: Part Ii. Laboratory Analyses

Transgenic Sugarbeets Engineered For Production Of High Cytokinin Levels In The Taproot

Liberty Herbicide For Weed Control In Transgenic Sugar Beet

Genotype And Abscisic Acid Promote Somatic Embryogenesis In Sugarbeet Callus

Determination Of Genetic Relationship Among Isolates Of Rhizoctonia Solani Kuhn Based On Dna Sequence

Foliar Disease Lesion Mimic Mutants On Sugarbeet

Ethanol Production From Sugar Beet Pulp Components By Genetically Engineered Bacteria

Progress In The Development Of Transgenic Sugarbeets

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