ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 24 – Feb 27, 2025 in Long Beach, CA

2013 37th Biennial Meeting

February 27-March 3, 2013

Anaheim, CA

Oral Presentations

Agronomic Potential And Limitations Of Using Precipitated Calcium Carbonate In The High Plains

Can Sugarbeets Be Used For Energy In California?

Effect Of Nitrogen Rates, Varieties, And Fungicides In Sugar Beet Yield And Quality

Where Does Turkey Litter Fit With Sugar Beet Production?

Characterizing Shade-avoidance Responses In Sugarbeet

Are There Differences Between Adjuvants Used With Glyphosate For Weed Control In Sugar Beet?

Influence Of Early Harvest In Michigan On Sugarbeet Yield, Quality And Grower Income

Use Of Jasmonic Acid And Salicylic Acid To Inhibit Growth Of Sugarbeet Storage Rot Pathogens

Response Of Sugar Beet Recombinant Inbred Lines To Post-harvest Rot Fungi

The 'c869' Sugar Beet Genome: A Draft Assembly

Genetic Control Of Flowering Time In Biennial Beets

Genetic Structure And Immigration In French Sea Beet

Wild/weed Beta Populations In The Imperial Valley, California

Differentiating Rz-1 And Rz-2 Resistance Reactions To Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus Through Proteome Analysis In Sugarbeet

Degree-day Modeling To Forecast Peak Activity

Molecular Basis Of Fungicide Resistance In Cercospora Beticola

Cercospora Beticola Insensitivity In Michigan And Michigan Sugar Company’s Resistance Management Strategies

Insecticidal Seed Treatments To Manage Wireworms And Springtails In Sugarbeet: A Multi-year Assessment

Mycotoxin Production And Colonization Patterns Of Different Fusarium Spp. In Sugar Beet

Rhizoctonia Solani; Control Measures In Michigan

Assessment Of Strobilurin Resistance In Cercospora Beticola On Sugar Beet In Michigan And Nebraska, Usa

One Syngenta: Seed, Seed Care, Chemistry And Technology For Total Sugar Beet Health

Control Of Rhizoctonia Crown And Root Rot With Seed Treatments And Post Applied Fungicides In Commercial Grower Fields

Frequency, Changes And Distribution Of Fungicide Sensitivity In Cercospora Beticola Populations From 1998 To 2012

Sugar-end Management Implications For The Method Chosen To Measure Dry-substance

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Sugarbeet Soil Nitrogen Management Under Subsurface Drainage Condition

Development Of A Model For Prediction Of Organic Matter Zones

Effect Of Planting Date And Population On Sugarbeet Yield And Quality

Nitrogen And Potassium Effects On Sugar Beet Yield And Quality

Effects Of Tillage And Irrigation Practices On Sugar Beet Yield And Soil Moisture

Modeling Heat Exchange In Sugarbeet Piles In Michigan

Drought Tolerance Selection In Sugar Beet

A New Occurrence Of Dry Rot Canker?

Remote Sensing Of Sugarbeet Root Maggot, Tetanops Myopaeformis

Oviposition Preference And Larval Host Range Of The Sugarbeet Root Maggot

Differentiating Rz-1 And Rz-2 Resistance Reactions To Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus Through Proteome Analysis In Sugarbeet

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